Spartagen XT: Evidence-Based Review

Forget the other reviews, here I reveal what I've found by researching its ingredients...

BY Chris T, MAY 27, 2015 11:08 AM


spartagen xt bottle

Hi there, my name’s Chris, and I want to tell you about a product I’ve been using called Spartagen XT (official site: click here for official Spartagen XT site).

If you’re reading this, I’m assuming it’s because you’ve already heard about Spartagen XT and you’re thinking of trying it, but you still aren’t quite sure it’s right for you.

Well, I want to tell you a little more about myself and then I am going to tell you everything you need to know about Spartagen XT, including the scientific evidence-based backing for its claims and ingredients.

I Felt Like I Was Slowing Down

I want to tell you how I was feeling before I started using Spartagen XT. Basically, when I was 30 years old (and younger, of course), I remember feeling great all the time.

Okay, probably not as fantastic as I imagine now, but still, it seemed like I was on top of things. Work was great; I’d have plenty of energy at the end of the day, and I’d head to the gym, work out for half an hour, and head home. I had a lean, trim physique, and I was putting on plenty of muscle. I loved the body I saw in the mirror, and I felt great about myself.

I’d get dressed for the evening and head out to the clubs and the bars, meet women, and sometimes bring them back home with me. The sex was amazing … I could go at it all night when I wanted to, and I had rock-hard erections every time.

And then one day … it just all fell apart...

I can’t say what day it was, because it happened gradually. But one day I noticed how changed everything was, and I wondered what the heck had happened to me.

I was exhausted after work. I would either skip the gym or do half my regular workout. I was still gaining weight, but it was fat, not muscle. I got a beer belly. I hated what I saw in the mirror. I went to the clubs and didn’t feel confident at all.

And even when I got a woman to sleep with me, sleep is about all we did! I couldn’t get an erection half the time, and even when I could, I never lasted long. It was horrible. I felt like my life was over.

And you know what the worst part was? I was only 37. Apparently this is actually really common for guys in their 30s.

Women get menopause, while men get something called “andropause.”

adam questionaire

A positive result means that you may have low testosterone (1)

I guess it’s a similar issue, except for some reason we refuse to call it what it is and recognize it. Instead, we just pretend it isn’t happening. But that wasn’t acceptable to me. I don’t want to “slow down” and give up on the things that I love, like bodybuilding or having sex!

When I found out about andropause, that was when I decided something had to be done! I mean, I’m still a young guy in the grand scheme of things. I shouldn’t be living like I’m an old guy. I knew there had to be some way I could get back on track. Clearly this all had something to do with hormones and getting older.​

I did some research, and quickly found out that I had many of the symptoms of falling testosterone production. No wonder I was starting to feel like less of a man!

andropause graph

So then I weighed my options. Steroids? I would be lying if I said I didn’t think about it. They were very tempting, but I knew some guys that didn’t go so well for.

And then I found what I thought might be the next best thing, or an even better thing … herbal supplements designed to naturally stimulate your body’s own production of testosterone!

What Is Spartagen XT?

There are several products like Spartagen XT on the market. After a lot of research, I narrowed it down to two - Spartagen XT and a competitor. I tried them both, actually, starting with the competitor’s product first. Spartagen XT turned out to be the better of the two - I will talk more about that in a bit.

First off, let’s cover the basics! What is Spartagen XT? What’s in it? How does it work?

Spartagen XT is an all-natural blend of healthy herbal supplements produced by Edge Bioactives. There are no steroids in this product. That is super important! Instead of disrupting your body’s hormonal imbalance further, Spartagen XT gently and naturally nudges it back on track by giving your body the building blocks it needs to create more testosterone on its own.

Click here to watch Spartagen's frequently asked question and answers video...

Spartagen XT contains the following ingredients:

Spartagen XT Herbs
  • Tongkat Ali: This herbal ingredient binds to globulin, which in turn stops globulin from binding to free testosterone (2). This allows you to use the testosterone you have more effectively (3). The result? Higher libido (4) and semen production (5)
  • Tribulus Terrestris Extract: This boosts your body’s natural production of testosterone (6).
  • Butea Superba Extract: This extract functions as an aphrodisiac (7).
  • Korean red ginseng: This form of ginseng is sometimes known as “herbal Viagra.” (8, 9, 10) That pretty much says it all. Oh, and as a bonus, it can increase mental clarity and cognitive function (11, 12).
  • Chrysin: This herb prevents testosterone from being converted into estrogen, keeping your hormone levels in balance (13, 14). By inhibiting testosterone conversion to estrogen, it stimulates muscle growth, perfect if you love to head to the gym.
  • Maca: Maca is an herb from Peru which has a long history in traditional medicine. It prevents your body from converting testosterone into estrogen (15). It also can increase your sperm count and boost your libido (16, 17). It helps maintain your overall balance of hormone production (18)
  • Zinc, magnesium, vitamin D, vitamin E, and vitamin B6: These are all essential nutrients you need in order to improve cell communication, muscle growth, cardiovascular health, general fitness, and overall well-being. They help to regulate mood, energy levels, play a part in testosterone regulation and more (19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31).

Just as important as what Spartagen XT does contain is what it does not contain. Spartagen XT has none of the following:

Spartagen XT ingredients
  • Animal byproducts
  • Gluten or wheat products
  • Testofen
  • Dairy or eggs
  • High fructose corn syrup
  • Lactose, sucrose or dectose
  • Peanut allergens
  • Yeast

All of those are things you don’t want in your supplements! So many of the supplements I saw that I decided not to take had those nasty extras in them. I actually have a peanut allergy, so it was a big deal to me that I didn’t have to worry about that with this supplement. And high fructose corn syrup is just bad for you (32, 33). Yuck.

Another plus with Spartagen XT is the fact that it is manufactured in the United States. A lot of supplements are made overseas, so you don’t really have any clue what’s in them. There’s not much quality control, and you basically are taking the company’s word for it that the supplement contains what they claim it does. Spartagen XT is made in FDA-Registered Facilities, so there is some administrative oversight.

So what can Spartagen XT do for you?

  • The number one benefit for most guys is that Spartagen XT is a natural treatment for erectile dysfunction. You’ll find it easier to get erections, and the erections you have will be harder and last longer. That means better performance in bed, and more intense orgasms too.
  • Spartagen XT will boost your sex drive too. Not only will sex be more fun again, but you’ll want it all the time!
  • You’ll get a great boost to your mood and overall energy levels. If you have problems with fatigue, they should lessen or even go away.
  • Start burning fat and building muscle like you did when you were younger.
  • Rebuild your confidence and recover your sense of masculinity.

All of that said, I think it’s important to point out that this is not a miracle cure. It does a great job with everything I just mentioned, but it’s up to you to make the most of it. That means you need to get back to your old workouts, get back out in the dating scene, and start believing in yourself again. Only then can you get the best possible results from taking Spartagen XT.

My Experience With Spartagen XT

Spartagen XT Capsule Size

Capsule size: I have placed the Spartagen XT capsules next to an one dollar bill

I mentioned earlier that I took another supplement before I tried this one. The other supplement I took was cheaper, but it was also manufactured overseas, and it didn’t include all of the same ingredients as Spartagen XT. It was missing some of the vitamins, and it didn’t have all the herbs either.

I hoped it would be enough to work on its own. It did make me feel less tired, and I had more of a libido, but it still was doing next to nothing for me when it came to my erectile problems. And let me tell you, nothing is worse than having the drive by not being able to perform! That actually made matters worse for a while.

I actually considered giving up, but I’d bookmarked Edge Bioactives, and I took another long look at their website, and decided I’d give it a go. It was the last thing I planned to try, so I had a lot of hopes hinging on it!

Now I can’t believe I came so close to giving up. It literally would have been a tragedy if I had before trying Spartagen XT.

I thought it would take a long time to notice any changes, but within the first couple of days, I already noticed I was waking up in the morning with a clearer head, less mental fog, and less fatigue. Work was a lot easier to get through, and by the end of the day I had significantly more energy than I did in the past. After a couple of weeks I was able to start working out again. I can’t tell you what that alone did for my self-esteem.

My libido has been doing pretty good too - I still had a boost from the previous supplement, and it stayed strong with Spartagen XT - and got even stronger when I discovered I could get an erection again! I was a little nervous the first night I asked a girl to come back with me from the club, but there were no issues! In fact, I don’t think my erections were that hard or full even when I was 30, or even when I was 20! It was the first time in years I’d managed to last longer than 10 minutes in bed, and I was thrilled. So was she ;) After that, I felt a LOT more confident when I went out in the evenings. I finally could walk up to women again with pride, knowing I could show them a good time and have a good time myself. I felt like a man again. I felt like myself again.

Tips and Tricks: Through my use of with Spartagen XT

  • When I first started out, I was taking 2 capsules a day like it said on the box. You are allowed to take more, though, and I discovered that 3 a day works best!
  • If you do decide to take Spartagen XT only once per day, definitely make sure you take it in the morning with breakfast. This is more effective than doing it later in the day. That way your body has all that great energy available all day and you start off on the right foot.
  • Take the capsules with your meals so that your body can absorb all the nutrition more effectively. This also makes the pills easier to digest. I discovered that for me, anyway, taking them right before eating works best. Some people do better with supplements right after eating though, so experiment.
  • Be patient. You will probably notice some results in the first few days, like higher energy, but a lot of the effects take several weeks to become obvious. Remember, your body needs time to adjust hormone production levels. This is a gradual process.
  • Take Spartagen XT on a long-term basis. Even though most of Spartagen XT’s effects were apparent to me within 3 weeks of starting, I’ve continued to notice improvements even 3 months down the line. If you stop taking it before that, you will never build up to those amazing results. Plus, you don’t want your body to revert to its old habits and it will if you don’t continue to provide it with the nutrition it needs.
  • Definitely get back to working out if you have let your exercise routine fall by the wayside. This will allow you to capitalize on all that extra energy and also on the natural capabilities of Chrysin, which helps you to build muscle. In my opinion, not working out would mean wasting one of the best benefits of this supplement.
  • Have lots of sex! If you don’t, the high libido that results from taking Spartagen XT will probably drive you crazy. Seriously, it’s awesome, but I have to admit it’s kind of distracting sometimes!

Here's What You Get with Spartagen XT

What’s also really cool is that you get some extra stuff when you buy Spartagen XT. Right now there’s a special deal where you get 5 bonus eBooks:

spartagen xt bonus ebooks
  • Kama Sutra—The Lost Chapter
  • Spartan 300 Top Secret Workout
  • Healthy, Happy, and Hung
  • Superstar Stamina
  • 33 Innocent Words Turn Her On

I loved all of these, especially Healthy, Happy, and Hung. Lots of great advice in there. And I found some great exercises to add to my gym workouts in the Spartan 300 Top Secret Workout guide.

Right now, you can purchase a month’s supply of Spartagen XT for just $69. I know it sounds expensive … but remember what happened to me with that cheap supplement I tried. That stuff was only $39 a month, and it hardly worked at all.  It is worth it to pay for quality and safety. All I did with that other stuff was waste $39 :( After a month on Spartagen XT, I was happy to buy a 6-month supply.

Click here now for 51% discount on Spartagen XT...

By clicking the above button, it may actually drop your cost down to $49 per month (it’s $294 total), not much more expensive than that other supplement I tried, and it really works! It’s also risk-free for 90 days. 

The reason I say may is I tried on different computers and found on some the discount is not offered.  My conjecture is they use a randomly assign the discount.  Either way, it will by bypass their sales videos.

There’s also an option to add coaching sessions to your purchase. The program is called Keep Your Edge, and costs $19.95 per week. That was outside my budget, so I didn’t opt to try it, but I’ve seen some excellent reviews for it online. Could be worth it if you needed some extra guidance. I’m guessing it’s pretty much like life coaching.

What are you doing still sitting around here reading my review? Your new life is waiting for you! Order a month of Spartagen XT, and get back to feeling like yourself. Get back to great sex, great workouts, and feeling energetic and ready for each day. You owe it to yourself. I’m finally enjoying my life again, and you can too. Once you try Spartagen XT, I just know you’ll want to order a 6-month supply and write a review of your own. I can’t wait to read it - I love to think my review has helped other guys to rediscover themselves!


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