Can Certain Foods Decrease Libido?

November 21, 2015

It may sound a bit incredulous, but some types of foods, both naturally available and artificially prepared, can decrease libido. Knowing these foods is very important, as they are very easily available and a part of most modern diets. It is best to consume such foods in limited quantities, because avoiding them completely may not be possible or advisable.

Milk products

This might be surprising, but the lactic acid contained in milk products can dramatically decrease sex drive. Cheese is one such item, it contains a lot of lactic acid. And other products like ice-cream contain large amounts of sugar, along with lactic acid.

Moreover, much of the commercial milk is laced with estrogenic hormones that can severely reduce sex drive in men. So think twice before pairing wine with cheese and consuming too much of either.


Alcohol is the bane of male as well as female libido. It is true that one glass of red wine can boost the sex drive substantially, but this is a highly isolated case. And the quantity has to be restricted to one glass. Beyond this limit, even red wine ceases to be an aphrodisiac.

And binge drinking is the worst possible thing for libido. Not only does it hamper arousal, but it also leads to inability to achieve and maintain erection.

Excess sugar

Too much of sugar, especially refined sugar, gets converted to trans fats in the body. These can lead to a host of cardiovascular disorder along with damage to the immune system. As a result, there is a drastic reduction in libido.

Many artificial sweeteners such as aspartame can reduce libido as well. Many sugar free gums and colas contain aspartame and it is best to consume them in limited quantities. This compound interferes with the secretion of serotonin, the ‘feel good’ hormone. The absence of serotonin can cause mood disorders, thus suppressing libido.

Processed and canned foods

Such foods invariably use salt and sugar as preservatives. The salt content in such foods can be so high that it can lead to hypertension. Hypertension is one of the known causes of erectile dysfunction.

Moreover, the artificial preservatives used in canned foods can diminish immunity and overall well-being. This affects the sex drive negatively and also interferes with arousal. Processed baked goods should also be avoided whenever possible.

Fried foods

The harmful effects of too much trans fat in the diet is well known. But fried foods should especially be avoided, and particularly those not prepared at home. The oils used to fry foods in commercial establishments are rarely replaced. And they are heated to such a high temperature that they are converted to such compounds that cause oxidative damage to the cells of the body.

Fries and chips may be quite delectable to eat, but consider the oil they were fried in before ordering them next.


Beans are quite healthy and nutritious in recommended quantities. But large amounts of beans and other legumes in the diet can hamper the production of testosterone. This affects libido and arousal.

But this should not put you off beans completely. Soy is the one component to avoid out of all the other legumes.


Just like beans, licorice also contains compounds that can reduce the production of testosterone. A few occasional licorice candies here and there do not have any perceptible effects on the synthesis of testosterone, but consuming it regularly is a complete no-no. And many licorice candies are loaded with sugar, which is another element that can hamper libido.

You will notice that most of the foods that reduce libido are also harmful to the body in excess. So avoiding them should not be too difficult.

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