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Increase Testosterone Levels Naturally With Exercise

The internet and the advertisements sections of magazines and newspapers are filled hormone replacement therapies and artificial testosterone supplementation. These are most certainly effective in the short run, but the long term upshots of these methods are not what one would expect them to be.

Why opt for natural methods to increase testosterone?

The human body is conditioned in such a way that if an organ or appendage is not use for extended periods of time, it becomes non-functional due to disuse. The same physiological phenomenon applies to hormone levels as well. The production of a hormone is suppressed by its increased levels in the blood.

Now if the blood levels are elevated due to hormone produced in the glands themselves, then the biological cycle runs smoothly. But if artificial hormone is introduced in the body, the glands do not produce them and over long periods of time, this lead to disuse atrophy.

Testosterone is no different; the body has to adapt itself to producing it naturally, otherwise it just may be unable to do so eventually.

Exercise and testosterone

It is most certainly true that exercise can increase testosterone levels. But only the right kind of exercises will do so. It is best to understand what works to get better results.

The exact mechanism behind certain types of work outs being more effective than others for increasing testosterone is not properly understood. But there are more than enough studies correlating the phenomena, so with a few tips and tricks, you can easily modify your current exercise routine to make it more testosterone friendly.


Many studies have shown that sprinting boosts testosterone levels and maintains them for long periods of time. The keyword here is sprinting and not just running. The exercise has to be as swift as you can manage. And even if you are not much of a sprinter there is no need to feel dejected. Studies have also shown that small sprints with longer rest periods work more favorably than long sprints.

So you can sprint on the treadmill or in the backyard or alley for about 15 seconds and rest for minute in between each run. This protocol can be repeated on every alternate day for excellent results. This is something that most people can manage.

The key is allowing the body to reboot in between sprints. Do not cut the rest period short even if you can sprint quicker.

Lifting weights

Increasing testosterone naturally requires lifting weights, and heavy ones at that. Lower weights have shown to be less effective for this purpose. But if you are a beginner and cannot manage higher weights, then it is best not strain your body. Start with weight training gradually, build up strength, and then have a go at the heavy weights.

In the meanwhile, you can concentrate on other exercise that do not require too much strength or stamina; these work well for boosting testosterone too.

For the more seasoned individuals, deadlifts and bench presses are the way to go. And you can add resistance to these exercises, so much the better. If not, you can get your trainer to assist you in repetitions. This has shown to enhance testosterone more than stopping when you cannot move further.

It is also important to weight train with your legs too and not just your upper body. This can be the small difference between satisfactory results and excellent results.

Performing regular but moderate cardio

The importance of cardio cannot be denied with respect to increasing testosterone. Doing short sessions of cardio before sprinting or lifting can make such exercises smoother and more fruitful. But there is something as too much of a thing; too much of cardio can lead to a ‘burn out’ stage and thus make the whole set of routines done after it redundant.

A few short sessions on the treadmill or the elliptical can be alternated with aerobics or stretches before you go to the above mentioned exercises. This primes the body for the beneficial effects of short and intense workout sessions.

Plan your own workout

You can very easily plan your own exercise routines based on the guidelines mentioned above; the routine does not have to be ‘just so’ to make it effective.

Whatever it is that you do conventionally, be it swimming, yoga, Zumba, or even martial arts, make sure you perform short routines and repeat them when your body has rebooted. This helps a lot for augmenting testosterone. Sprinting is something that can be done anywhere, but gym equipment is necessary for weights. If you just cannot have access to such machines, you can try to replicate some of the moves you would perform in a gym with dumbbells or leg weights. This is not as effective as heavy weights, but it can work as temporary replacement.

You should try not to skip exercises as such breaks can get your back to square one within no time. Consistency is the mantra!

Food and testosterone

You can perform every possible exercise correctly, but if you do not supplement it with a healthy diet and a regular meal times, nothing can help you get the results that you want. Testosterone is a biological compound and is synthesized from the nutrients from your food after all. And with food, you can further increase testosterone by ingesting Spartagen XT.  Without a disciplined eating habits, none of these exercises will work.

Going the natural way to boost testosterone is the best thing you can do for your body and well-being. Before taking any artificial preparations keep in mind that too much testosterone is extremely detrimental as well.