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Maca: Its Efficacy In Improving Sex Drive

The twenty-first century has seen the emergence of many herbal medicines that help improve sexual desire and Maca is one of the newest such discoveries. But this does not mean that the use of this herb is recent; it has be consumed in South America for its aphrodisiac properties since many centuries. But this property has gained global attention only recently.

Before delving into the effects of Maca on the reproductive system, a brief overview of the plant is in order.

What is Maca?

Maca is a plant that is indigenous to Peru. It is also referred to as Peruvian Ginseng. The reason for this is that the roots of the shrub have the active ingredients in them. The scientific name of the plant is Lepidium meyenii and it belongs to the cruciferous group of vegetables, which include broccoli and cauliflower.

The Maca root is commonly boiled or braised and mixed with other vegetables in stews and soups. It is also dried, powdered and consumed with milk in the form of a thick porridge-like dish.

Maca is also milled and powdered to form a type of flour. This is used in baking savory breads. It can also be eaten raw, but is very hard to digest.

The Legend of the Inca warriors and Maca

Many folktales claim that the Inca soldiers of medieval Peru consumed the Maca root just before battle. This gave them superhuman strength and endless courage. And after they conquered a town, the womenfolk of the vanquished had to be hidden or protected as the soldiers would find themselves excessively filled with endorphins and virility.

The truthfulness of this tale is dubious, but this does go to show that Maca was known, many centuries ago, to have aphrodisiac properties.

The role of Maca in improving libido

The amount of studies regarding the exact mechanism of action of Maca on the make reproductive system are limited. And most of them have been inconclusive in ascertaining the precise pathway by which the herb works.

But all of the studies that have been conducted, as limited as they are, have shown absolutely remarkable results in terms of the outcome, i.e. the improvement in sex drive and stamina. The members of the group with satisfactory libidos to begin with reported only mild increase in sex drive, but those with poor libidos were known to have a drastic increase in sexual desire.

Although this was a small study with a limited sample size, the results were so promising that the market is filled today with Maca supplements. But this is not necessarily premature, as many of the consumers of these products have experienced similar results.

Maca and erectile disorders

The word erectile dysfunction is deliberately not used in this section as it is a complex condition that would require the use of therapy that extends beyond the use of supplements such as Maca. But it can most certainly be used as an aid to combat this condition.

Almost all of the participants of the Maca trial conducted in the United States said they had experiences fuller and more rigid erections after consuming the herb for 6 weeks, irrespective of their libido and fertility status at the beginning of the trial. This is very encouraging as it increases the utility of Maca manifold.

Benefits perceived due to lesser side effects?

Maca has been consumed as food since ancient times in South America. Hence, there it has almost no known side effects. Researchers have considered this reason for its high success rate as well.  Read the Spartagen XT review to find out more about why Maca is included

But at this stage, the curiosity for the reason may be left aside. So long as Maca shows results and does not cause adverse effects, it is perfectly okay for the present time.