Testosterone and Persistence

December 13, 2015

Science keeps discovering something new about the hormone testosterone almost every single day. Research about every single aspect of the hormone is being conducted everywhere in the world. And this time, a link has been found between testosterone levels and the amount of persistence that men have.

The study

The study linking testosterone and persistence was conducted in the Wayne State University of Detroit in Michigan in collaboration with the Nipissing University in Ontario. In this study, men were given a puzzle to solve, a difficult and exasperating puzzle.

The amount of time spent on the puzzle by these men was recorded by the researchers.

The measurement of testosterone

All the men that participated in the study were measured for their testosterone levels before and after undertaking the puzzle. This was done by estimating the testosterone levels in saliva.

As the men gradually gave up on the puzzle, their salivary testosterone levels were measured.

The findings

This study showed that men who gave up on the puzzle sooner had lower testosterone levels than those that continued trying to solve the puzzle till the very end. And it should be noted that the puzzle was quite hard, almost impossible to solve.

So this has raised as lot of questions about the interpretation of these results.

Other studies having similar results

Studies on rats and other non-human primates have also shown results similar to the above mentioned experiment. Males that had higher testosterone levels showed more persistence in finding food, mates, etc.

The interpretation of the results

These results of the study conducted by the Wayne and Nipissing Universities are a little difficult to interpret by themselves. They show that men with higher testosterone levels were more persistent than males with lower testosterone levels. Now this can be seen in different lights.

Some researchers may interpret the results by concluding that men with lower testosterone levels give up on things much easier than men with higher testosterone levels. This mean that they are more determined in life and strive hard to achieve their goals. They do not let anything perturb them and carry out their duties diligently.

Others might point out that the puzzle given to the men was almost impossible to achieve. This could also mean that the men who gave up earlier had the common sense to not stick to a task which they knew they could not achieve. Thus, they were more aware of their limitations. This would mean that such men did not brood upon lost causes and hence were happier and more content with their lives.

Unfortunately, the above mentioned study did not delve much into the personalities and backgrounds of the men participating in the experiment. So it is a bit difficult to come to any reasonable conclusion based on this study alone.

What other studies say

Researches in the past have shown that men with higher testosterone levels had more successful careers. They enjoyed higher ranked positions and had better paying jobs than the men with lower testosterone levels. And this was irrespective of their educational qualifications.

So what does most of the evidence point towards?

Most of the evidence in the case of testosterone and persistence points out to the fact that men with higher testosterone levels are more determined and more successful in life. But it has to be reiterated that a single research by itself has not shown these results. But the evidence is still quite overwhelming.

Does this mean men with low testosterone should start replacement therapy?

Not really. The results are not conclusive. And even if they were, there are so many ways to boost testosterone naturally. There is no reason to panic as yet. Gradually increasing testosterone through natural methods is what is advisable.

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