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The Miracle That is Asian Ginseng

One of the biggest advantages of Asian Ginseng as a treatment for male sexual disorders is that it has very few to no side effects. And most of these side effects are known, as there is extensive research has been performed on the dose and dosage of ginseng. Furthermore, most of the undesirable results of this herb are non life-threatening, which makes it one of the most popular natural remedies used worldwide against sexual disorders.

The benefits of Asian Ginseng encompass almost all aspects of health, along with sexual well-being. This makes its spectrum of activity very wide, thus making it effective against every possible issue related to libido and fertility.

It first important to recognize the difference between Asian and American ginseng, for the latter lacks far behind in its efficacy as compared to the former

How is Asian Ginseng different as compare to other types of ginseng?

The scientific name of Asian Ginseng is Panax ginseng. This is called as true ginseng, and it roots are the components that is rich in active ingredients. The American counterpart is called as Panax quinquefolius. So when you buy ginseng now, you know what to look for!

The Asian Ginseng grows in hotter climates, making its properties ‘yang’ or male, according to Chinese medicine, while American ginseng on the other hand can only be found in cooler regions, thus giving it the properties of ‘yin’ or female.

Thus, for male infertility, the Asian variety is the way to go.

Effects of Asian Ginseng on libido

Asian Ginseng is known to increase libido in male subjects independent of having a sexual disorder. This is ascribed to the fact that the herb increases production of testosterone, augments the functions of neurotransmitters such as acetyl choline and GABA and also ensure the smooth functioning of the neuro-humoral pathway of arousal.

This effect is dose dependent and temporal, hence it is necessary to take the recommended dosage judiciously for the prescribed period of time.

The improvement of libido at the end of the treatment period is very, very favorable.  Hence for those who are deficient in testosterone, Asian Ginseng is a viable choice to consume.

Asian Ginseng and sperm count

One of the very few herbal remedies scientifically known to increase sperm count is Asian ginseng. It acts on all of the stages of sperm development to augment total sperm count. Furthermore, it also protects sperms against the deformities that can lead to infertility. These effects have not been substantially proven in other herbal remedies.

A low sperm count is one of most common reasons for infertility, and Asian Ginseng is the works very well for ameliorating this condition.

Improving sperm motility

Sperm motility is a technical and specific aspect of male fertility. And it is very important too. Asian Ginseng is shown to improve motility of sperms, a property rarely seen in natural preparations. And is known to reduce motility faults such as backwards and sideway movements. By virtue of this, the herb highly valued for treating sexual dysfunctions even by medical professionals.

Why use Asian Ginseng and not sildenafil?

Along with the above mentioned pathways, this herb also helps achieve fuller erections. The results may not be as dramatic as sildenafil, which the content of Viagra, but they are more than good. Moreover, sildenafil is not suitable for everybody. It has too many drug interactions and is not effective for each and every patient. And considering its price, if does turn out to be non helpful, the money spent for it is a complete waste.

One should think twice before adding drugs to one’s list of medicines. And if there is a natural and safe alternative available, then there is really no need for any synthetic chemical.

Asian Ginseng that is contained in Spartagen XT is a marvelous product that is easily available in the market in convenient dosages; you would not go wrong with it.