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The Mode of Action of Tribulus

 Tribulus terrestris, the humble weed from North America, who would have thought that it could improve male sexual drive and help achieve fuller erections? But thankfully it does and thus there is a natural way to augment libido without the use of a slew of drugs.   The Spartagen XT dosage contains Tribulus extract.

Surely many must have wondered, how does Tribulus work? Which physiological aspects are improved by its extract?

There are many health benefits that are bestowed by this plant. And some of them go beyond sexual stamina as well. These advantages have made Tribulus popular even among those individuals that do not have any complaints with respect to libido and performance.

Improved muscle mass

The regular intake of Tribulus extract has shown to help build muscle mass in shorter periods of time. This had made it a hit among body builders. Not only is the use of synthetic chemicals for body building frowned upon, it can have disastrous effects on the cardiovascular and renal systems of the body.

Tribulus offers a natural, safe and effective alternative to the noxious substances that are generally used by athletes for developing a good muscle mass. And the efficacy is comparable too, which leaves no reason to turn to the synthetic chemicals.

The testosterone boosting property of Tribulus

Studies have shown that those individuals that have consumed Tribulus regularly for one month showed improved testosterone level as compared to the control group. The basal values for each of the individuals were noted before they started taking Tribulus, and the results were excellent in most of them.

The results with individuals suffering from infertility were even more positive. The extract was efficacious in all the members of this group, with a marked increase in blood testosterone concentration.

Tribulus and fuller erections

Tribulus works exceedingly well in helping males retain erections for a longer period of time. This can be credited to the fact that it strengthens muscles as well. Those males that had consumed the extract for one month reported more rigid erections, along with improved quality of orgasms. They also noted a reduction in anxiety, which further aided the longevity of the erection.

Improved libido

The effects of Tribulus are not limited to physiology, they extend to psychology as well. Individuals consuming this herbal essence reported reduction in stress, easy going dispositions and an increased sex drive as well. And the increased libido was reported by women as well, indicating a holistic pathway to this property.

The efficacy of Tribulus against renal disorders and cancer

The urinary and reproductive are very closely related physically and physiologically. Hence, it is no surprise that Tribulus works on preventing and curing kidney stones and urinary tract infections. It is also found to be effective in curing certain sexually transmitted diseases and hypertension. Some types of cancers have also responded to treatment with Tribulus.

But these claims are not backed by adequate number of systematic studies. But there are too many of such claims existing (by trained researchers) to neglect their validity. But unless more studies are performed that follow all protocol criteria to the tee, Tribulus may not be used for the above mentioned alimensts.

The property of Tribulus to eliminate urinary infections may also be a factor that helps in increasing libido, especially in women.

Sperm quality and count

Although not too many studies correlate increased sperm counts with Tribulus, it is known to improve fertility in males and to some extent females. This may be due to mechanisms other than augmented sperm quality, but most researchers believe that Tribulus does affect sperms positively. They claim that the studies performed heretofore were not conducted long enough to notice the change.

Thus, it can be seen that Tribulus has more than one mechanism of action to help improve sex drive.