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The Truth About Too Much Testosterone

Testosterone is associated with manliness and virility in all cultures around the world. And it is correct, for it is the male sex hormone. And this can lead one to believe that the more one can have of it the better.

But this a very big misconception. The balance of testosterone in the body needs to be maintained, just like other hormones. It is highly uncommon to find a naturally excess testosterone levels in male. But many men undergo hormone replacement therapies when they could have been easily avoided, which result to detrimental symptoms with respect to physiology and psychology.

It is important to know that testosterone replacements are a lifelong commitment. If in case you are planning to undergo such a treatment, it is best to evaluate its necessity. Otherwise it can lead to any or sometimes all of the symptoms mentioned below.


Elevated levels of testosterone are strongly linked with depression in males. It seems counterintuitive that the hormone which is essential for expression secondary of sexual characters in males can lead to depression and diffidence, but this is a proven fact.

An individual suffering from such kind of depression is known to isolate themselves from society, find no interest in the activities they usually liked and find it hard to concentrate of their jobs. And these symptoms take very long to resolve, which necessitates professional intervention occasionally.

Testosterone and high blood pressure

High testosterone levels are known to be a cause of hypertension. As a result, even herbal remedies that increase the production of this hormone are contraindicated in individual that are at risk for this ailment. The blood pressure can shoot up abruptly, thus making the issue life threatening in some cases.

Thus, you should always check with your physician before starting any supplements that are known to increase testosterone, as hypertension is very common today; you not realize you have it until overt symptoms manifest themselves.

Reduction in sperm count

This seems may seem counterintuitive again; how can testosterone, which is a prerequisite for a healthy sperm count, be responsible for a lowering it? The golden rule to remember here is dose. At high doses, all hormones can result in unexpected reactions, and testosterone is no exception.

Unpredictability and mood changes

An excess of testosterone is correlated to aggression and unpredictability in males. Such individuals often find themselves unable to control their tempers and are goaded to fighting over the slightest of provocation.

Other men may experience mood swings and become overly emotional. This is often a precursor to anxiety and depression. It can also lead to other disorders such as substance abuse.

The repercussions of aggression and unpredictable emotionality can be far reaching and difficult to reverse.

Testicular atrophy

Individuals that had shown elevated testosterone levels for longer periods of time had almost invariably shown reduction in testicular size, which lead to infertility in extreme cases. This is change can be permanent and it is essential to see a medical professional you notice a sizable reduction in testicular size while on hormone therapy or testosterone boosting supplements.


Sleeplessness or bad quality sleep are very commonly associated with high testosterone levels. This symptom adds to anxiety and other psychological disorders. Hypertension can also be aggravated by the inability to sleep and this turns into a cyclical pattern which may seem impossible to break.

It would seem that excess of testosterone can cause almost all of the symptoms of its deficiency.  So before taking a Spartagen XT bottle, find out if you have a deficiency or too much testosterone.  It is crucial to know where to draw the line with artificial supplements and medications as they can cause irreparable damage. Make sure that you are not taking any products that you do not need as the balance of testosterone is fragile and can be offset very easily.